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This page is going to be a work in progress for now. I only just started watercoloring, and don’t have that much to share yet apart from some initial sketches (most of which I’ll be sharing on Instagram, too). But at some point this should be a mini portfolio with my watercolor works.

What I can write so far: I rebooted my interest in drawing and painting in November 2015. I soon found that I like the realistic style, working with softer hues and with pencil. I’m also interested in working with ink (and with Micron pens, which I plan on getting) and am practicing a few different styles to see what suits me.


In summer 2015 I bought a cheap student palette with 12 colors, and some brushes. I also bought some other supplies like colored pencils (for my coloring books for adults) and a sketchpad. As mentioned, I began working with this, dabbling, in November, which is when I learned that I really liked it (missed it) and wanted to do more. I bought more watercolor brushes, including one that has a little water reservoir in it; I also bought a fountain pen, India ink, and a pad with thicker paper. I used ice cube trays as mixing and blending trays, which I thought was hilarious, but it worked for a while!

In the attic, which is where I do my photography studio work as well, I discovered that my desk facing the window makes for a perfect drawing / painting surface, and I re-organized it as such.

In January 2016 I ordered a Moleskine watercolor notebook with the intention to use it as a sort of autodidact’s watercolor journal, and to use it to practice as much as I can, wherever I am. I’m a perfectionist, so for me the challenge will mostly be in starting. I haven’t as of yet (January 26th 2016). I’m reading some books about creativity and art to help me get over that hump as I’m still trying to figure out what it is that I want to do – practice helps. It may take me a while to share things from that journal, but when I do you’ll find it on Instagram.

Being prepared and having the necessary supplies will help me to get going. I educated myself about stretching techniques to prepare paper. I still need to buy some supplies for that, but for my birthday I did invest in an important item: proper watercolor paint. I chose a Cotman (Winsor and Newon) 24 half-pan case which along with my Moleskine should be portable enough. I added a tube of white paint, because I quicky discovered that I enjoy working with soft pastels and skin tones. My white pan is going to go, fast.

A few more supplies to get (Micron pens to use in my journal, some stuff for paper stretching) and then I’ll feel comfortable enough with doing this for real. As of yet, I intend for this to just be a calming, creative hobby which will hopefully inspire, and vice versa be inspired by, my photography. But I want to do it right and really make it work for me.