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Shop Policies
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First, a general note: let’s try and treat each other with mutual patience, kindness and respect ūüôā
Below are my general policies. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

When to expect the item

After you’ve placed your order, I will ship the item within 1-3 business days (mon-sat). I can give you an estimate on how long it would take to arrive, depending on your location. For the sake of transparency, I will keep in touch and keep you informed.
Regretfully, track and trace is not included in the shipping price; in order to keep shipping costs affordable for you, my only option is to send your print by standard international letter mail via PostNL, which is very limited. More options such as a trace code and sign-for would lead to a ridiculous increase in shipping fees, close to what the print itself would even be worth.
What I need for you to know is that I will do my absolute best for you and if any problems arise, that you can always contact me and we’ll work out a solution – whether that’s me sending the item again, sending you another item, or you getting a refund. Anything can be worked out, within reason. More on that below.

Need by a certain date?

I cannot offer expedited shipping. Again, I’m dependent on the PostNL postal service here in The Netherlands,¬†and costs for expedited shipping are beyond ludicrous. If it’s what you truly want, it’s possible, and you can email me before you order, but keep in mind that it will cost a lot of money¬†depending on your zone¬†(PDF).
– Holiday season is cray cray
– I will ship from The Netherlands within 1-3 business days
– Keep in mind that nothing is 100% certain: while I will do my best, I can’t influence the various third parties (PostNL, customs, mail service in your country).
I¬†kindly¬†ask for your patience and trust. If the item is extremely delayed beyond reason (weeks, not days), please contact me and be sure to scroll down to¬†the “Lost / Damaged” section below.

Refunds / Exchange

Cancellation policy
– Don’t order something and ask me for a different size AFTER ordering. If you want a custom order, always email me first.
– If you have accidentally ordered but are interested in changing something: more on that below.

You ordered, but are wondering about options after the fact
– If I haven’t shipped the item yet, we can work out a custom order. It’s possible, depending on the nature of the new custom order, that you’ll either receive a partial refund or that you’ll have to pay additional costs.
– If I haven’t shipped the item yet but I can’t meet your wishes, I will cancel the order and will refund in full.
– If I’ve shipped the item: read the section below.

The listing and the provided images include all the necessary information; I hope this will help you make an informed purchase. It is my responsibility as a seller to give accurate information; however, it is your responsibility as a buyer to read that information with care prior to purchase. Please read and inform yourself before making a purchase.
You may request I cancel a sale in any circumstance (even custom print orders), but you’ll need to send the item back to me safely (undamaged) before I take any action or give a refund.
– I’ll refund the cost of the print
– I won’t refund the shipping costs

Exchanges are possible, but only if the original item is returned to me first, undamaged – and for similar value.
E.g. you may exchange an 18x13cm print for another 18x13cm print. It may not be in stock so it could take time to process the exchange.
I will charge additional standard letter mail shipping fees for exchanges.

Lost / Damaged
In the case of damage or loss (due to shipping problems) we’ll work out something suitable by way of a refund or new print. I will determine¬†which it will be on a case by case basis:
a) I may replace the print by standard letter mail if I have the print in stock and you’re¬†not in a hurry to have the item.
b) I may cancel the order & refund in full if I don’t have the item in stock, OR feel I can’t reasonably meet your wishes at this time.
In the case of damage, I may request a photograph of the damaged item before proceeding.
A little bit of faith goes a long way: please always keep in mind that I’m just a person, trying to do my best for you.