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I’ve updated the front page, since there have been a few new developments.

Blogs: To start with, I opened my first of two planned blogs earlier this year: KaatZoetekouw.com is my photo/illustration blog, where I share my newest work (either new shoots, or photos that are older but recently edit). I also plan on sharing my drawings and illustrations there at some point. I still have to find my flow with blogging a little bit – hard to believe I used to blog every day when I was in my early twenties – but I just wanted to put it out there, start somewhere.

Stock photography: I’ve updated my Stocksy blurb and added Adobe Stock to my hub, as I’ve decided to really work on growing that portfolio this year. I had a small portfolio up with Shutterstock, but I’ve de-activated my account. Their abhorrent decision to cut down royalties even further, and to reset contributors’ tiers back to Tier 1 every January (leaving NO room to earn steadily higher royalties anymore), is something I just cannot support. I don’t care that it’s “passive income”, it’s just a crap thing to do to the people who supply their raison d’être, and I’d rather not participate.

Merchandise: I also added Society6, one of my merchandise shops. I started that one in 2012, and it was pretty inactive after 2015. But I recently re-arranged it and am slowly but steadily adding my favorite works to it.

Social Media: I have returned to Tweeting, but I haven’t added it to the hub yet as I’m only testing the waters still. I’m not even sure yet it’s my kind of place anymore? But I’ll keep an open mind. @kaatzoetekouw.

That’s it for the time being.
Stay safe everyone xx

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