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Autumn beginnings
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Autumn beginnings

I’m all over the place. No really. I have multiple stock photography portfolios. I have several instagram accounts. I have about 4 billion Pinterest accounts. People are wondering if Karin Elizabeth = Kaat Zoetekouw? (Yes. Yes.)

Hi guys. It’s been a while again. (I’ve become a mom for the second time since I last posted something here, so it’s been busy offline!) This time I’m in it for the long haul: I’ve finally figured out what I want this website to be, and how to make that happen.

I’ve always prided myself on being a photographer that tries to do multiple things. But it’s chaotic if you’re not me, and if you’re trying to get a sense of my work and what I do. So here at Karin-Elizabeth, you’ll find ALL of me. I call it my “Hub” – the landing page shows you all the places where you can find whatever it is I do. It’s the place where all is connected. I’m actively working to get this completed as soon as possible, so at least that primary goal is reached.

Future plans for Karin-Elizabeth.com:

I’m building a proper, representative portfolio here. Give me some time. I have to redo the whole thing. I plan to feature a mix of my different work (landscapes, self-portraits, experimental) that is the BEST of me.
And I’m keeping my prints shop, featuring limited edition signed prints. What I have for sale now will stay online, but I will overhaul it at some point and make it a bit more exciting, and add more prints.

I don’t plan to blog here – except for site news and general updates about my overall portfolio and work – but I am opening a different photoblog website soon. Basically anything that I’m working on or dabbling in that relates to the visual arts, I’ll post about there. It’ll be the more personal, behind-the-scenes side to me as a photographer.

More on that later.

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