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Self 2016, back to my roots

After my Banshee theme, which was the 3rd death-related theme in a row, I wanted something different for week 05. I needed it for myself, too.

During that week I had initially planned an awesome studio portrait – and at another time during this project, I will take this photo – but it didn’t feel right for that week. I do want to try and take photos that I feel are fitting and relevant to where I stand in life at that time, so that they have more personal value to me.

I found myself very drawn to plants: they are peaceful, calming and in ways even comforting to me. So that’s what I decided to do instead: a photo featuring my plants, in some way. I also felt inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites that week, and then it all came together. I chose some familiarity by editing the photos as I would have edited a lot of my self-portraits back in 2010, 2011.

KE-blog-week05-nugoed(On some computer screens, there may be some WordPress-induced pixelation.)

Staying in my comfort zone for a change was what I needed: the goal of getting a photo I felt comfortable with was at that point the most important thing. But I did learn that doing this offered a different kind of challenge… Yes, I want to evolve by trying out different things for Self 2016, but I also think it’s important to understand and accept what my strengths are without feeling like it’s “not good enough” because it’s not new enough.
I truly love these images. They are perfect because they expressed and gave me what I needed during week 05.

For theme 06 I actually wanted to stay in my comfort zone a little longer: I reminisced about the Jilted theme, using a detail of my actual wedding dress (instead of my white prom dress) for some really lovely close-ups. It’s another example of how my comfort zone yields satisfying work.
Once I got those nostalgic kinds of photos out of my system, I felt ready and inspired for a different atmosphere in the last two weeks (we’re in week 08 already!), so I’m keeping it varied.

I’ll post themes 06 and 07 in the week to come; week 08 will follow as soon as I’ve edited them, too. I’d like to be caught up with everything before week 10 starts…