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Norway 2015, part 1

A while ago I already shared my Instagram favorites from our trip to Norway. I really enjoyed using Instagram to share some of our day to day activities and impressions. But I also of course brought several DSLR cameras to capture Norway’s beautiful nature and landscapes. I started working on those images in the meantime, but of course I took hundreds and it’s been quite a bit of work. If I wait to finish them all before posting them on this site, it may well be 2020. Instead, I’m just sharing what I have so far, and I’ll just blog again when I have a second collection to show you.

KE_Norway_01Lindesnes Fyr & a lovely detail seen in Brygge, Bergen.

KE_Norway_02I really fell in love with all of the wood and the whites and reds that are prevalent here.

KE_Norway_03The drive (left) to the Kjeragbolten hike (right) was a sight to be seen in itself.

KE_Norway_04We basically saw landscapes like this all the time while driving around Norway.

KE_Norway_04bReally pretty. Kind of reminded me of Scotland, too.

KE_Norway_05Geirangerfjord is one of the prettiest. We really loved this region.

KE_Norway_06A few more from Geirangerfjord

KE_Norway_07This was our evening view from our cabin, where we spent 3 nights. While it did get dark, it sure took a while. This photo was taken at around 11:30PM.

KE_Norway_08I found a stunning hike in Hardangervidda national park: the Four Waterfalls. We were in luck with the weather, too.

KE_Norway_09More waterfall details.

KE_Norway_10It was quite a hike, not as intense as Kjeragbolten, but still. But oh, what a pay off.

Alright, so that’s it for now! More to come soon, but first I’m going to get back to work on my self-portraits for Self 2016 Week 02, because I really really really want to keep that going.


Stock photography is something I still feel relatively new at. I’d been with Getty Images for several years: work I’d made earlier got curated, and, mehhh, it was easy this way. Step one was taking photos, step 2 was “Oh Getty wants this one. Eh, sure”. I didn’t really give it much thought in that sense. But now that it’s become a more important part of my photography, I have to turn it around by first asking myself, “What do stock buyers generally want? In what way can I contribute to stock photography?” and following that up by taking photos to suit these needs.

At first I struggled with this, because I focused almost too much on the question, “What do stock buyers want?” Yes, it’s good to look at current trends, but it’s very easy to try to emulate What’s Out There too much in order to fit in with What’s Hot Now. It results in trying too hard, and it shows in images. I want to avoid that. Like the writer’s mantra “write what you know”, for me in Stock there’s a mantra: “photograph what you love”. And that’s what makes for good stock because that’s what brings the extra flavor, the answer to the question “in what way can I contribute?” By staying true to myself as an artist, first. By photographing what I am actually passionate about, first. I get to combine at least two passions by working this way.

One of the things I feel deep appreciation for is nature. I enjoy hiking in national parks, and find equal enjoyment in taking care of, and being surrounded by plants.


So this is one of my newer series that I’m doing for Stocksy. I wanted to photograph a subject I enjoyed myself, but it wasn’t until I looked through the viewfinder and my macro lens that a whole world opened up for me. (Yes, that song from Alladin kind of whole new world.) There were textures, colors, shapes, glitters (!), patterns, mixed and matched. And so my first actual series-for-stock was born!




More leaves will be posted in the forthcoming portfolio section (I felt it was more important to first get the blog properly established, so the portfolio will have to wait a while longer).

It feels pretty awesome to have something that I can continue to work on… In a way I always have something to photograph and it helps against the stagnation I felt for a long time before now. And what’s even better, is that as a result of these photos, I have another idea brewing… for self-portraiture. I’m excited about this change in my creative process where I can build upon my own work and inspire myself in that way.

Alright, time to enjoy the evening. I need me some coffee and TV time. Wil and I are binge-re-watching Friends at the moment. Still one of the funniest feelgood shows everrr!