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Towards the end of 2014, I realized for myself that my priorities as a photographer had changed. I’m still in business, still working, but what I want to accomplish in photography is very different now than it was when I first started. Like musicians and bands constantly trying to challenge themselves by reforming their sound, I’ve come to the conclusion that I as a photographer also need to reshape.

This mostly stems from having a dual role as a photographer the past few years: I do client work, and I’m doing stock photography, which also veers off in two branches: lifestyle stock on the one hand, and conceptual portraiture photography on the other hand. Stock photography, which is based on my fine art photography and independent work, has a bigger role in my life since 2014. That role will only grow bigger.

1. Do what I love

I have to divide my professional time in two now: client shoots and stock photography. Now that my time as a client photographer is limited, I want to specialize and go back to doing what I love to do. I don’t want to take on any kind of photography job, but I want to offer only the photography jobs that I excel at and love to do, such as boudoir. I want to have more focus and be more selective in my business regarding client shoots.

My business website will be redone and will function as a hub with links to anything to do with my photography. It will redirect clients to my Boudoir business website, which is almost finished. It will have an info page for the only sessions I’m still offering apart from boudoir: portraits. It will also have an info page for models.

2. Constantly flowing fine art photography

The second goal is based on the understanding that I tried, but I am not at heart a full-time commercial portraiture photographer. I am too introverted, and I always seek more meaning: I fear becoming too generic and losing my own vision and voice. The moment when I was approached to photograph bicycle parts for an online shop is when it dawned on me: that is not what I want to be doing. I am a working artist and I need to begin to identify as such. I want to focus on what I want to supply (because that makes me happy as a person), and not what others demand. I want to supply what I find valuable.

And on that, I want to be Always Working. I want to always have projects to work on, ongoing ones but also ones with a beginning and an end – and always having new photos available for stock. And if they’re not suitable for stock, I will at least be able to tell my story, to express myself. I need to have an outlet first, and earn money off it second.

This website that you’re on right now served as a blog that constantly failed. It failed, because I stagnate whenever I try to express myself verbally. I now realize I don’t need for you to know me through my words, and vice versa. If you’ve found this place, you’re most likely not here to read about my insecurities, or about my hopes and dreams for the future. You’re here to see who I am as a photographer. That’s always been what Karin Elizabeth – the identity – was all about. The simple love of photography.

So, I’m nixing the idea of being a blogger. I love my life and my lifestyle choices, but I don’t think it warrants a blog. So what I want to do with this website, is just share my work with you guys, and let you get to know me that way. My insecurities, hopes and dreams won’t disappear, but they’ll be expressed differently. The best way I know how, and the only way for me to go from here on out.

I’ve given it some thought. Karin-Elizabeth.com will be a blog about my photography and projects and a place to share photos I’m proud of. I want to hold myself accountable and keep a journal of my processes as I strive to Always Work. It will be a selective but (I love this term) constantly flowing portfolio of ten year-old body of work. It will have a print shop attached to it containing limited edition signed prints; I used to love Etsy, but I want to sell prints on my own terms. And it will offer any information on the licensing of my photos – where to find photos that are available for licensing with agencies and a gallery of photos that are available for licensing with me directly as well as information relevant to licensing.

Karin-Elizabeth.com is where I want people to go when they ask me, “What do you do?”
Karinelizabethfotografie.nl is where I want people to go when they ask me, “I’m interested in having my photo taken by you.”

This is the beginning of a transition: from being a commercial portraiture photographer who dabbled in stock photography and made no time for independent projects… to becoming (or reverting back to being) a perpetually working artist who sells fine art photography and bonus – also specializes in boudoir and takes people’s portraits.

(I am getting my boudoir website ready first. Karinelizabethfotografie.nl is next. Karin-Elizabeth.com is third. But I will start using this site as intended in the meantime.)