Karin Elizabeth | Updates
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As this site is still a work in progress, I thought I’d list all the new additions – until the site is done, anyway ūüôā

January 26th 2016 | Added a watercolor section to the site. At some point it will serve as a portfolio of sorts, but for now it’s a record of my progress: what I’m learning, what I’m discovering and what I’m struggling with here and there.

January 15th 2016 | Alright, I’m trying to take a weekly self-portrait in 2016 and I’m collecting them in a new gallery:¬†Self 2016. I’ve also added a New Zealand 2008 gallery which I’ll slowly begin go to full up (and I’ll add more to the Norway 2015 gallery, too).
Towards the end of 2015 I started drawing, and painting with watercolor. I’m very excited with my decision to continue this in 2016 as a more serious activity; I’m very eager to learn and find my flow.¬†Some time this month I’ll add a section dedicated to watercolor¬†on this website.¬†I’d really like to share my progress, and in that way to always have a reminder of how much there is yet to learn.

November 11th 2015 | Just added a new book cover to the gallery and in lieu of re-opening my Etsy shop, I decided to just start selling some prints right here!¬†The shop itself is done but I’ve set it to private while I finish listing the items I have in stock. That should take me about one or two more days, and then¬†I will make the shop section public! For now it’ll mostly consist of 30x20cm / 12x8in prints. #excitinggggg

September 17th 2015 |¬†Everything’s still such a work in progress, and it doesn’t help that instead of adding more new content, I’m still re-considering some decisions regarding stuff I already put on the site¬†:’)
Today’s change of heart: watermarks.¬†I am now opting for a light (and subtle) pattern watermark as opposed the one corner watermark which, let’s face it, is easy to crop out.

September 12th 2015 | New portfolio galleries started (meaning more content will be added to these galleries over time): Succulents + Cacti. Finished portfolio gallery:¬†Self-Portraits 2010-2014. Added the Projects landing page: soon I’ll add a) more projects and b) links to each project’s individual information page. I’m not yet sure how the info pages will look, but #brainstorm I’m thinking updates / progress, motivation / story behind the project, and a selection of images (though the images may be part of the Portfolio instead).

September 9th 2015 | Made a start with the publications section, first adding book covers that feature my photography.