Karin Elizabeth | Kaat
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About me

Hi. I’m Karin. You can call me Kaat. Everyone calls me Kaat. You pronounce it kind of like “cat”, but be sure to stretch out the “a” long enough: caaaaaaat.

I’m basically an easy-going Dutch chick with a camera and a love of imagery. Apart from being a photographer, I’m an avid and very eclectic reader, not just because of my R&R project. I love books, and firmly stand behind the famous quote “a room without books is like a body without a soul”. Apart from our outdoor lounge area (where we can chillax even when it rains), my favorite space in my home is my library/livingroom.

I live with my husband Wil, aka Mr. Sweet Tooth. We got married June 21st 2013, and had been together for 6 years prior to that. I enjoy good food, being in nature, fitness and challenging myself in that area, plants and gardening… and more.


I started taking photos in summer 2004, when I visited Estonia. It was during this trip that I learned two pivotal things for myself: I love traveling, and I love taking photos. The former excited me, the latter brought me peace. It was a perfect blend of adventure.

Travel photography has been a consistent part of my portfolio ever since.

In my earlier years as a photographer, I developed an interest in self-portraiture, the kind that precedes the cringe-worthy selfies of today. Self-portraiture as I (and my female self-portrait colleagues) did it often went beyond simply photographing  the self, but often told stories. In a culture that now glorifies butt selfies, a few years ago self-portrait artists were often wrongly accused of narcissism. Self-portraiture for us was about concepts, about creating something more profound than duckface portraits. I used myself as a model or an actress to get a story or a feeling across. I’m eager to go back to my roots and sort of stand up to what the selfie genre has become by going back to what I feel it’s supposed to be about.

My more recent photography has focused on stock: travel photography sells well and it’s been fun to go back into the archives ( photography worth sharing needn’t be current – also something I’m learning). And I’ve been working on some new series and concepts.


My first focus is finishing the overhaul I’m doing for my client website karinelizabethfotografie.nl. I’ll be turning that into a very global launch site with some info for clients, as I’ll continue to offer portrait shoots.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep the blog section of this site right here, Karin-Elizabeth.com, as active as I can. I tried to use this place as a personal blog several times, but… that’s not really who I am. I’m not a lifestyle blogger. What I want to share is photography, so that’s what I’ll be doing. Apart from blogging about my work, ongoing projects, creative processes and what not, I’ll also use this website as a print shop, and my official, expansive portfolio. I’ll begin working on that as soon as my business site is ready, and I can spend the rest of my website-making time on getting this place completely ready. I’m looking forward to starting over – and starting over right.