Karin Elizabeth | March
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Self 2016, the ole wedding dress

Well, so much for trying to catch up quickly! I haven’t spent too much time behind the computer the last couple of weeks, and I can make up some excuse to make myself feel like less of a slacker, but truth be told I just haven’t been in the mood for it. You can sort of compare it to my reading habits; sometimes I’m really into it, and can devour several books every month, and then there are times when it takes me 3 months to finish just the one. With photo editing, I have moments when I’m incredibly active and feel excited about working on new photos, and then there are those moments when I’m just not able to concentrate or not all that interested in sitting behind a computer. I at least manage to take photos; it’s the hassle of sorting through them and processing them that tends to hold me back. So that’s something to work on as I go, to try and feel excited about the entire process. Photography is more than ideas and executing them. #KnowThyself

For week 06, I took out the ole wedding dress. I hadn’t seen it since my wedding day, so I was in awe at it all over again. (What is it with wedding dresses and their ability to be so damn magical? It’s just a dress… but it’s so much more than that, argh!) I fell in love with its embroidery and that’s what I wanted to focus on for this photo.


I don’t have a lot more to say about these photos, other than I might add these two to the Jilted series and I enjoyed taking these comfort-zone photos for a few weeks. In weeks 07 and 08, which I’ll share soon, I went in a different, darker direction.