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Honestly – nothing beats down the motivation to get a website going than CSS challenges. This website is extremely important to me: I’m trying to (re-)establish myself and my work online with this site as my home base (“my online studio”), and it’s hard to feel inspired to get content up if the framework isn’t doing what you need it to do.

I come from the old skool HTML website generation of the early 2000’s. We built our sites using tables and frames *cringe* and while we already used WordPress way back then, we built our own layouts around WordPress Codex, with ease. That time is gooooone: it’s all about themes and CSS now, and if you want things the way you want them but don’t understand CSS, you’re stuck with defaults – never a good thing for a creative and perfectionist person.

Luckily, the one thing my HTML background gave me is at least the ability to look at a website’s skeleton and understand its parts, allowing me to slowly but logically dissect its layers and their properties. So while it took me far too many hours, I at least managed to grasp the problem, eventually coming to a solution on my own.

So now it (namely the blog) functions as I want it to. The next step is getting it to look good, put my personality into it, decide on what I want this place to exude. But that will come in time. Now, a well deserved break from computers!

Instagram selection: Norway 2015


Left to right, top to bottom:

  1. The hike to Kjeragbolten, a boulder wedged in between two cliffs, was intense: steep hills (the kind that require you to hike down while hanging on by chains) and then some. But oh, the views. Our car was somewhere down there, on the other side of the hill.
  2. At the end of the Kjeragbolten hike, there was more to see than just that boulder. A view into Lysefjord and this waterfall, for example.
  3. The city of Bergen completely stole my heart. We were lucky: the weather was sunny, allowing for the city’s colors to really pop.
  4. The most precious moments during our vacation took place while we stayed at a wooden cabin with a view over Geirangerfjord and its mountains.
  5. At times, the sun would make an appearance, leading to moments like these. The cabin stay really allowed us to reflect, relax and just enjoy nature at its finest.
  6. Scotland’s known for its many castles; our photos of our 2012 trip sure do feature a lot of stunning castles. Norway on the other hand is known for its plentiful waterfalls. Many of our favorites from Norway are of waterfalls, the dainty and the roaring ones, all of them stunning.
  7. Driving through Norway was such a treat; at every turn, there was something to see. It was never boring, rain or shine. We stumbled upon views like this one regularly.
  8. It wasn’t the most beautiful waterfall I’ve photographed, but it was the prettiest one on my Instagram: Vøringfossen, with bonus rainbow. I also made a video of the waterfall and its beautiful spray, I’ll try and embed that below.
  9. And finally, my leaf and plants obsession came with me to Norway too: during hikes, regular walks and at a Botanical garden, I always found the time to stop and appreciate the beauty in the details.

And here’s my favorite video:


14/08/2015, magical impression of #Vøringfossen #waterfall, #Norway. My favorite #video of our trip. #Hardangervidda #Eidfjord #nature

Een video die is geplaatst door Kaat Zoetekouw (@kaatzoetekouw) op

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Meanwhile, I’m working very hard on my DSLR shots… I have a few to share this week, just have to get the portfolio section on my website set up first! xx