Despite being active online for years and years (I started blogging and maintaining my own websites in 2000; after that I became interested in photography and joined flickr in 2005), I feel like I don’t always belong here anymore. I often feel that what I have to say is trivial, in that I am only one small voice in a world with 7 billion other people, many of whom deserve to have a platform like this, the opportunity to voice their opinions, experiences, thoughts, poems. I chastise myself easily: I’m not very important. I don’t presume to be anything but one woman who likes to take photos. So why would I blog?

Blogging for myself – the way I wanted to for a long time – is becoming increasingly unnecessary as I grow older and am more aware of my desires and pains. I have developed coping mechanisms which involve taking action. I’m also different in the sense that I don’t take bullshit any more and have no patience for analysis. I used to feel the need to write things down in order to “figure myself out” (and that’s what I used to blog about), but that’s no longer who I am. I turn 32 in two weeks. There’s not a lot left to figure out. The things I’ve been through more recently have taught me that I don’t need to write myself strong. I already am strong.

So what do I blog about? My interests? Advice, if I have it? Reviews? My photos? My travels?